How To Pitch For Business Fund

Do you have a great business idea but don’t know how to pitch? Here we share some amazing tips with you!

Your pitch is the single thing that could either get your business off the ground or dive your thought into unceasing blankness. It makes a difference.

1- Take Only 5 minutes

Time is very limited, the lesser you explain the more questions and opportunity you can get from the judges. Squeeze the important information into your presentation slides and avoid grandmother story that will disconnect the story of your presentation.  Prepare the content of the slides, write a script and practice so that you will not exceed the time limit.

2- Turn Your Pitch Into Story

Story telling can attract the judges attention, if you present in the ordinary way like how boring presenters do you might disconnect with the judges. You can tell the story based on your experience or problem before and connect it with your slides content. The story must be straight to the point so that it will not be lengthy and exceed 5 minutes.

3- Explain What Is The Problem

You need to address clearly what is the problem or gap in the market that you are trying to solve. You need to prove why is it a problem and gap in the market. Avoid taking a screenshot of any news to explain what is the problem. You need to be creative and explain the problem in your own way.

4- Explain What Is Target Market

A product without any customers will not give any profit to the company, therefore you need to address well who is your target market. It is the best if you show the market validation you have done to prove to the investors that you have potential buyer for your product or services. From this survey, investors can see who is the early adopters for your product or service.

5- Explain What Is The Solution

The solution is your product/service that you are providing to the target market. For the solution, you need to explain what technology are you using or the features of your products. You need to show how your product works and if you have product reviews, that will be an advantage for you.

5- Show Financial Projection

To make investor has confident in you, you need to project your financial at least for a year. So that the investor can see either the projection does make sense or you are just throwing figures without knowing how to execute it. The financial projection is important as the investor can evaluate are you going to the right track

6- Show Value Proposition/Unique Selling Point

What make a product different from its competitor is the value proposition. If you have competitors in the market, you need to make Market Analysis and show to the investors why you are different from them. You need to show the strength that your competitors do not have. Moreover, you need to have a solution if they can copy your technology or idea how can you sustain in the market.

7- Fund Utilisation

If you are given for RM500,000 you need to show how are you going to utilise the money and for how long the period will be. The utilisation needs to be logic and all budget needed need to be explained in details so that the investors can have a clear idea of your vision and mission after getting the fund.

8- Revenue Model

After you project the financial and fund utilisation, you need to show your revenue model. The simplest way to understand revenue model is basically how do you make money. You need to state either through commission or subscription, advertising and many more. If you have existing traction, it will be much more better.

9- Milestone

In any business, there will be a short term and long term plan. Here, you can draw your milestone either for short or long term plan so that investors can see where is your business heading to.

10- Make Yourself Outstanding

In any presentation, the most important thing is the presenter. The presenter needs to dress comfortably and be positive, the body language is also important when talking to someone. The presenter needs to be confident, it is not about the idea but it is about the presenter itself. You need to be confident about your product and you need to know what are you presenting. If you do not believe with your idea, what make you think the investor will?

11- Avoid Wording

In any slides, it is important to use less wording. Too much wording will make it looks like messy and not neat. It is the best if you use infographic and vector graphic to explain everything. It is catchy and some more less wording that can avoid the investors to feel headache.

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