GEC 2017 | Where The Future Is Reachable

Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 was a big event that gathered all sort of entrepreneurs in Malaysia & ASEAN countries. The event was prestige with the value given to the participants. Wanna know more? Here we share it with you!

1- Networking

GEC 2017 event was the best place to make networking as the participants included people who already have a business, consumers, students, investors, and many more. Those people came to find networking and also to find opportunity that can benefit from one to another. The exhibitors included entrepreneurs from University level up to Expert level that can be beneficial for the society. The networking opportunity was not limited just for Malaysia market but also ASEAN countries as there were many exhibitors from ASEAN countries that finding for opportunity & networking at the same time.  Other than that, they were other categories of exhibitors in the event such as organisation which giving fund/financial aid like Cradle, Mavcap, Teraju, BSN, and many more. In addition, for new entrepreneurs who finding the accelerator program to sharpen the skills, MAGIC and other organisations were there that could help new entrepreneurs.

2- Keynotes Speakers

There were many Keynote Speakers from many countries with different background and expertise. This year theme for the event was “Designing For The Future”, so the Keynote Speakers were invited to give a talk regarding the theme chosen and how can the entrepreneurs design for the future. In addition, the participants received another value in the event which was getting free book of The Blue Ocean Shift which suit for those entrepreneurs to sustain their business. Some of the Keynote Speakers who came for the event as below:-

  • PROFESSOR W. CHAN KIM (Co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute)
  • PROFESSOR RENÉE MAUBORGNE (Co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute)

3- Masterclass Training

In the event, there were MasterClass Training for those who want to sharpen their entrepreneurship skills and also for their business. There were variety of classes that can be chosen and the trainers as below:-


The value given in the event as well there were so many GEC LABS offered to the participants to join which mean if you have an idea to make it as a venture, you can join the GEC LABS and get to know on how to do it. The best part was, GEC LABS had so many categories that could fit the entrepreneurs expertise of business. Wanna know what were the categories? Check down below!

5- Rice Bowl Awards Start-Up

In the event, there was a celebration for start-up award for ASEAN countries such as Best Accelerator Program in Magic, Start-Up of the year, Smart City Business, People’s Choices and many more. This is where the new entrepreneurs can get to know who are their potential competitors in the market. For more info, click here!

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